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In a world where large woke corporations are taking your hard earned money to fund absurd political agendas, we have partnered with Real Small American Businesses. Below is our network of small family owned businesses across our fine country. Go check them out and shop Small Business!


Midwest Naturals

Midwest Naturals is a small business that specializes in handcrafted products made from natural ingredients you know and trust. It is our intent to use organic, non-gmo, cold-pressed, pesticide-free ingredients to the max extent possible to provide affordable natural products that are non-toxic, nourish the skin and promote detox and healing. We seek to package and ship our products in biodegradable and compostable containers to prevent adding to the plastic waste epidemic encroaching on our water and food supply.

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The Andres Segovia Show

Podcaster talking all things tech & real estate over coffee.

The Andres Segovia Show

Patriot Candle Company

A little about who we are and what we do. So, what about who we are? Well to be honest, we are about as ordinary as a family can get! We have a beautiful daughter, who at the moment is our only kid, a house, and a business which we have taken a leap of faith on. Literally sink or swim! Like many fellow patriots out there, we have felt the struggles of this pandemic firsthand. We are a God-fearing family, and we will not idolize a mask, jab or money over the Lord. Use Promo Code: COFFEE and receive 10% Off your order.

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